Wading through Koshkonong

I do enjoy shooting with new people and Ashley was no different. This was just something quick and fun to get a feel for each other.

So we met at her house and quickly jumped into outfit selection! I had a couple body suits and she picked a great one!! But was there any bad ones? I don’t think so!! Anyway, Ashley knew the area really well as she has lived in the area for awhile. Let’s go see what we can do!!

With the sun setting soon and unfortunately no great way of capturing the sunset, we made due. We found some rocks to start, not getting to crazy and a tree by the water. We are just getting started!! ? Let’s head toward the beach area, well.. There were people at the beach when we got back to it. How about a cute cove, why not!! She started to come out of her shell at this point and the images show!

With her long frame and outgoing personality, I look forward to creating amazing things. Enjoy!!

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