Vanna and maternity session Offbeat style

I’m glad I was able to shoot with Vanna again! It has been way too long. We have been discussing this for awhile but still had minimal plans. Lets go see what we can find and make something happen. ? So we did that!!

Off to a local park in Janesville! As we set out we found some drainage pipes that were fun, this was the pretty side of the shoot. The light was amazing and when I found the pose I liked, the magic happened! How about we move on to other amazing spots.. We stumbled upon some tee-pee looking things and shot around them for a bit. It was okay but I wasn’t loving it. Lets move on!!

I was looking for some greenery to lay her in but I was having no luck!! So we decided to take a drive to see what we could find. All the areas that I knew of for patches of green were too far away and we were fighting the light!!

I have to hit on the point that I loved her makeup, but she did not!! ? On top of that she said it looked like she was morning her husbands death because she had all black on and a big ol hat!! ❤ And this is where it got weird!! ? Against my better judgment, while driving through the country we saw a cemetery. I don’t like to photograph in them but with the black outfit and hat.. It just made sense. Pregnant, nude, and a sheer body stocking in a cemetery, what the hell am I doing!!!! ??? Last stop a bean field, what can go wrong?? Well Vanna is not a fan of spiders and we found a shit ton of them. I never saw a pregnant woman move so fast! I’m sorry Vanna!!

Well to sum it up, memories were made and a few images to prove it. Enjoy everyone, until my next adventure!!

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