Things have changed..

First off, I would like to say. “Working with talented makeup artists is fucking amazing!!” I was exhausted after this photo shoot because I was trying to accomplish so much while I was there. I learned a bunch from this though and I will be changing things slightly in the future. It was a great experience!!

The clown!! πŸ‘‡

The clown is my daughter. Even though her hair didn’t turn out quite right, it ended up being perfect. We talked a little about poses prior to the photo shoot and the last image is the one we were striving for.

The bride!! πŸ‘‡

Skyler was my bride. I figured this to be a good roll for Skyler since she is newly engaged. She played the part perfectly!! Her pouty faces are the best! You all know her, I shoot with Skyler a bunch and she always kills it. Side note, it made me happy when I was shooting with Maren. Skyler came to watch and even help out with some of Maren’s poses. I love seeing models helping models! Thank you very much Skyler for always being awesome!

The deranged!! πŸ‘‡

Well, this look was all Barbie “Thank you!!” and it was a great match for Maren. She is one of my newest models and if you follow my Instagram’s, you will see that I have been posting her a bunch. Yeah, she is kind of amazing.

The Wednesday Addams! πŸ‘‡

This look was all about Sergio. A great one to be exact. Sydney did amazing and I also found out that she was a gymnast. Hmm, we will get crazy with this in future shoots!! 🀣 Side note, Sydney made my heart melt when she escorted my daughter through the dark corridors of the haunted house. I knew she was amazing but that was the icing on the cake!!

The damaged! πŸ‘‡

I felt bad that Teresa fell to the end of makeup, not that the makeup or look was bad. I was also exhausted by this point and didn’t give it the love it deserved. I feel I could have done much better with this. You will see more amazing things from Teresa and I, you can count on that. ❀ Side note, some of the art nude things I did with Teresa turned out great!

The doll!! πŸ‘‡

Well then, this look is insane!! Barbie kind of went all out on this!! πŸ™Œ Rosy did great in this too. 😁

In closing, 6 models in makeup was a bit much. My mind was going nuts and my body couldn’t keep up!! Thoughts for the next haunted shoot, 3 models max and spend more time with each one of them. I had sooo much fun doing this and I appreciate Sergio for inviting me. I also thank Barbie and Greta for the amazing things they did. It is much different working with makeup artists compared to my normal. I am learning and look forward to many more crazy shoots.

I hope you all enjoy!! Until next time…

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