Something Different

This is a personal post but worth mentioning!! An appreciation post if you will. As you see.. I work with fucking bad ass people!! Beautiful people, inside and out!! They warm my heart on a day to day basis. This image was taken Halloween 2019. It so happens that four of the models I work with were at the same location so we grabbed a quick photo. I’m glad it was suggested to do this. It made me feel amazing and I thank each and every one of them!

Vanna, she is on my left, and may have a mustache!! 🀣 Of the people in the photo, she was the first one that I worked with. She has also shot me.. A couple times!! Why not, lets live our lives and create!! Vanna, THANK YOU!! I thank you for believing in me and helping me reach my visions!! πŸ™ (See Below)


Victoria, she is on my right!! ❀ She is the one that sparked my interest and got me back on track!! I was in a slump and depression was kicking my ass. Our first shoot went amazing and really peaked my interest in creating again. ❀❀ I have shot Victoria the most out of any other model. My Muse!! I could talk forever about Victoria because we have spent soooo much time together. I feel I can conquer the world when I’m with her! And we just might!! 😈 Victoria, THANK YOU!! I thank you for your passion and drive to create!! πŸ™ (See Below)


Clara, she is far right! 😁 Although I have only shot her twice, we have connected well. We have plans for sooo much more. Her visions and goals help push me to amazing places!! I’m excited to see where we can go! She also has interest in learning photography, so I will be in front of camera again!! Let’s create something amazing!! ❀ Clara, THANK YOU!! I thank you for your creative mind and kind sole!! πŸ™ (See Below)


Ashley, she is far left!! πŸ₯° We have shot twice as well and the most recent. I have plans for her as well. I look forward to creating fun things with her!! Keep an eye out for us!! It will be awesome! 😊 Ashley, THANK YOU!! I thank you for supporting me and your patience!! πŸ™ (See Below)


I love each and every one on these AMAZING humans!! ❀ I may have a tear in my eye, but it’s a good one!! Again, THANK YOU!! Enjoy!!

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