Well, have I got a good one for you!! The Purge shoot was brought to me by Victoria and Ashley. I had never seen one that I really liked. But yes, let’s do this!! I invited Victoria and Ashley over to create masks for the shoot and also watch the movie. The masks turned out great. We also went shopping and found other masks. It was starting to come together. ❤️ The plan was in motion.

PURGE DAY!! Aka shoot day, the plan was to meet at Victoria’s to get ready at 10:00. Victoria and I message back and forth, I pack my gear and supplies needed and head to Victoria. Oh, quick stop at the store to grab some muffins. ? I arrive at Victoria’s and no word from Ashley!! Victoria continues to get ready while I’m blowing up Ashley’s phone. Jon is basically ready because, well, he didn’t know he was going to be in it until the car ride there. ? Meanwhile Victoria is finalizing plans with Kole, you know, the man with the guns!!! Victoria is ready and still, NO ASHLEY!! Let’s go see if we can find her. ?

Off to Ashley’s we go. We arrive, I knock and her mom helps me get her up. She was dead to the world!! Ashley tells me she will meet us there soon!! Off we go to Weary Road!! We get messages from Ashley, she can’t find her glasses!! Words of encouragement to Ashley, and we continue on!! So we arrive and Kole is already there. We get things out, make interdictions and let’s start!!

So I start working with Victoria, Jon and Kole. Things are looking great in camera, but let’s spice this up. Victoria asks for blood!! And blood she will have!! Shortly after bloodshed, Ashley shows up. All goes well for awhile until hunger starts attacking. Food, let’s find some food!! Quick trip to McDonalds, then over to the dead sunflower field that Jon pointed out!! Yay!! We played by the sunflowers for a bit and it may have gotten slightly naughty with the girls but all in good fun. The passion on there faces, well it was perfect!!

So, to sum this up… Everyone was absolutely amazing!! We pulled it together and made something fun! I thank everyone involved for Kicking Ass in front of my camera. ❤️ Until next time!! Enjoy!

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