Pumpkin head!!

Okay!! (In my calmest voice and maybe a little deep) It is Halloween… My photography leans towards this type of shoot. Pushing the limits and creating something amazing. I’m actually fidgeting in my chair as I write this. 😜 All of the hard work of every model I work with, it all came together. Gearing up to Halloween, well… It was a bit hectic. Totally fucking worth it!!!

Here we go!! So the idea was set, super simple. Lets get a pumpkin and put it on the Victoria!! So not thinking too much about it, I waited till last minute to find a pumpkin. Silly me, that was kinda dumb. I guess everyone in the Rockford area needed them more than me!! I was a little shocke to hear, everyone in Rockford was sold out… None!! Okay, I didn’t like that answer!! πŸ˜‰ I called Skelly’s Farm Market in Janesville, and the girl may have giggled a little at my question. “Do you have pumpkins?” she says “Yes” I say “Awesome, Large ones?” she says “Yes, plenty.” I say “Big enough to put on someones head?” She giggles “Well, I think so.” So off to Skelly’s I go. They didn’t disappoint. They had a bunch of them!! This made me happy. I picked up a few of them.

So, I head over to get Victoria!! At this point I have a pretty big smile on my face cause this shit is going to happen!! 😁 We get things ready to go, and get on the road. Ring, Ring from Victoria’s grandma, What?? We are on the highway and need to come back… to move the car. πŸ˜₯ Booo!! Grandma is slowing us down!! So we get back and take care of the car issue and get back on the road. Yay!! Nothing can slow us down!! 😁 Well, maybe Victoria’s belly, but it was a slight delay. Foods in the belly and we get to my house! Let’s carve this shit!

Okay, now we decide contacts are thing and try to put them on the amazing eyes of Victoria!! My daughter helps and we get the first eye in. Hmmm, second eye doesn’t go so well!! Soooo, the contacts come back out. πŸ˜₯ We will do this Victoria!! I have the faith that we will do it!! ❀

And so it is time!! We venture down the stairs. Blood is ready, cameras are ready, a pumpkin helmet, and the amazing Victoria. I may be geeking a little at this point!! As she does soooo many times, she wowed me!! The content that we created, made my heart sing. We synced up well and took it for a ride. And the ride was incredible!!

Brief pause… Wow, I love being able to create and the people I do it with, well.. Absolutely kill it!! With so much joy in my heart, I tell you to enjoy the ride!! Sometimes bumpy, but the destination is to fucking die for!! Enjoy all you silly people! ❀

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