Playing it safe!! But going hard..

So after the incident… Destiny and I decided to play it safe this week!! We wanted to finish what we started at the abandoned house. I told her that we could finish at my house!! 😁 At least I think it’s safe!! 😂 Anyway, we talked about finishing the shoot with flour an if we had time, we would play in the tub.. with black water! Yeah, this should be fun!! 🤘

So the plan is to get the Destiny and start the shooting!! We get to the house and I am really not ready at all.. Booooo Mic!!!! So I start gathering the things and start setting up. Destiny helps as well!! 😁 I mean, I had NOTHING set up. Anyway, we get things ready and we start playing with flour.

Things are going well shooting the flour on a black paper roll. I like it!! Destiny… well she kicks this shit into high gear! Well Mic, you better keep up!! Her posing was to die for!! Holy Shit! I will let you judge but I say she killed it. I had to pause a couple times during because I was in awwww!! We also had a couple visitors worth mentioning. Minnie, my Chinese crested, decided to come eat the flour, so that was fun! Kenna, my daughter, came down and talked with us a bit!! 😁 And why not my mom, she came down to do laundry but said Hi on her way through. 😂

How about some black water in the bathtub? Yeah!! We are doing that!! I bring up a light get it set and ready to go. Destiny rinses off quick in the tub before we shoot. Now… to make the water black!!! My original thought was charcoal. Yup, that’s what we did. Destiny was researching but I didn’t have any of the things!! 🤷‍♀️ I was a tad unprepared! 😂 We get to shooting and of course her posing was still incredible! I also have to mention, Destiny has a slippery backside!! We finished out the night in the tub. Sigh… That was fucking amazing!!! I dump images quickly to peek at some of the things. Now to get Destiny home!!

In closing, we were killing it!! We set a high bar for future photo shoots. The posing was creative and I was able to capture it pretty well. Enjoy you sillies!! ❤️

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