On hiatus to return..

Sooo, Victoria took a little break from modeling. Her life took some major turns, but I will not get into that. What I will say is that I was by her side for all of it, supporting her the best way that I know how. I was a friend when she needed one and gave her space when she needed that. 🀘

Victoria messaged me and asked when we could shoot. Well… This made me super happy to hear! πŸ’₯ We talked about a couple locations and decided on a waterfall. Yay!! A plan is set, and we will be rocking images together again. Although it wasn’t the plan, I went to pick her up at her house. LET’S DO THIS!! It was also a little later than expected so we changed the location sense the waterfall is a One hour and thirty-minute drive. We figured Rock cut tunnels would be good sense she wanted to get Indian food afterwards. If you do not know Victoria, she is very driven by foods!! πŸ˜‹ That is perfect sense I love the foods toooo!Β  We had not seen each other for a couple weeks so we caught up on things during the drive.

Okay, we have arrived at the location and a cutesy outfit was selected. I have the big smiles now!! She looks amazing and we head towards the tunnels. I look down and I didn’t change my shoes, SHIT!! I must go back to the car. It was only a 2 minute walk but I was ready to shoot. 😁 Anyway, things are in order and we get to the tunnels. Ummmm, Mic? You forgot the damn bug spray… Back to the car I go πŸ˜‚ Okay dumby, do you have your shit together now? πŸ˜‹ I did, and I’m ready to go.

We fall back into it just like old times. ❀ We are kicking butt, you know, like we always do. I’m clicking along and Victoria says “Fisherman” πŸ˜‚ I look over and sure enough there is a guy fishing.. and glancing at us, well Victoria because I don’t think I was his type. πŸ˜‚ Now it’s time to move!!

We head over to a tree area that I like and Victoria switches outfits. While all of this is going on, we are paying attention to the time so we can grab foods afterwards. Yeah, the Indian food I mentioned earlier. There was a guy that was walking towards the car while she was changing but I put up a towel to hide her. It worked and we headed down to the location. Well I’m glad we did because the lighting was great. Victoria was hitting poses and I clicked away. I also got to use my new lens so that made me a happy kid.

We finished up and you guessed it, we headed to the Indian food πŸ’₯ Yeah, it was super yummy and our bellies were happy. The shoot was a success!! I had no doubts that it would be. Enjoy for now and I shall talk to you again soon.

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