Oh Victoria, Would you like to spend a day with me? In the woods?

This one starts of with a minimal plan. The time to meet is 10:00 am. My thought is to find some woods to shoot and we have a plan to paint the Victoria!! Simple enough. 😊 With paint acquired and some mini muffins, I head to meet her at home. She is still getting ready when I get there. While she is getting makeup on, we discuss thing further. I’m a happy guy at this point. I really enjoy the presence of Victoria. We grab some clothing options and get ready to go.

Victoria, Jon and myself get things into the car and we decide on Big Hills Park in Beloit. Let’s do it!! We plan to start with some simple outfits. Victoria has some green velvet pants on and a cute see-through top. Yeah, she pointed out how good her booty looks in these pants!! So we get to the location and start hiking around. I see a location that looks great and we start shooting. We keep moving around and Jon points out an old stone fireplace!! Thank you sir!! Lets shoot by that. 😊 Things go great and we move on to outfit number two. A flannel shirt will do nicely. We get some great content in the flannel and keep moving on.

I had seen this tree that kept calling my name. It had fallen and was still propped up on the stump. It was defiantly rotted but it looked pretty stable! Victoria didn’t feel comfortable getting into the tree but Jon climbed up to test the stability. I asked Jon to take off his clothes!! I sure did. He did just that and I started taking some images of him. I’m glad I did because I love the outcome and that tree was way to good to pass up! πŸ˜‚ We head back towards the car to get changed for the next part.

We take a quick break and go to McDonalds. Now that tummies have the food, we head back to the park. Lets get some paint applied. ❀ It is not the easiest to paint someone while sitting in the car but we made it work!! The cross turned out well, so lets kick some ass!! Victoria was rocking like she does and that makes me happy!! We take a few images of Victoria and Jon together and keep moving on. Keep in mind it is now 4:00 pm and we started this at 10:00 am when I got to her house. 😜 Lets shoot a few more images and get the heck out!!

We decide to hit Goodwill and head back to Victoria’s. Yes!! I enjoy when I get to spend the entire day with Victoria. πŸ₯° I dump images at her house and get a couple edits put together. Hugs were given and I head home.

To sum it up, it was an amazing all day adventure. I appreciate both, Victoria and Jon for kicking ass for me! Enjoy you silly peeps!! 🀘

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