Not always what you expect..

Soooo, I had one vision in mind. Suspension ❀!! Teresa drives in from Chicago and we meet at my house. We quickly go through wardrobe because that’s the easy part. πŸ˜‰ Now I’m not the best with my rope skills but I do keep trying to advance my skill level. I just wanted a basic hip harness to start with. I looked up a tutorial for that. We got the harness secured and gathered the rest of the things for our adventure. Now we are off!!

We arrive in Ridott, IL… It was perfect weather and we were ready to create. Let’s do this!!! 😁 We park on the gravel road and hit the path. We have fun conversation as we walk down the path towards the old train bridge. We shuffle down a hill and over the barbwire fence. Easy enough.. It had flooded a little since the last time I was here so we had to jump some puddles to get to where I wanted to shoot.

Let’s get some rope and start this thing. Ropes are hung and I’m ready to hang the Teresa. You know I had to test the ropes and such, and make sure she will be safe. I did hang from the rope for a bit to see if it would hold my weight. πŸ‘Œ I didn’t fall so now I get her suspended. I work a few angles and as she is hanging there, we hear an ATV coming our way. Hmmmm..

A young man says, “We have people!!” Well, that is true. πŸ˜‚ The good thing is Teresa was wearing underwear and a top. He asks what we are doing and I told him about the photos. He said it was private property and that he and his friend owned it. He wasn’t upset that we were there but said he was going to get his friend. Teresa and I shot for a few more minutes and I decided to call it quits. The guys came back on the ATV. They were both nice and weren’t trying to run us off at all. I said we were going back to the car and they said they would give us a ride. That was a little crazy!! We didn’t die but I had concerns.. He was driving pretty fast.

Back at the car, Evan was talking about the bridge more and explaining other things about the property. He also said he would drive us back down to the bridge. Evan was driving much more sensibly. He showed us a way to get onto the bridge and they took off. We spent a little bit there with the sun setting and decided to hike back to the car.

Well then, I was really after the suspension photos and ended up with sunset images. πŸ€” This is how it works sometimes… Enjoy!


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