Let the rains come…

Soooo, Kristen and I planed a photo shoot as normal. The day comes and its rain in the forecast. Well YES, we must do this.. In the rain!!! We meet at TJ Maxx to grab a couple things. Let’s head to Rock Cut for some fun!! We get to the location and jump right to it.

The rain was very heavy and I did my best shooting under the umbrella. I must keep my gear as dry as I can!! The tunnels were amazing and the water was flowing good!! The rain was falling so nicely. πŸ’₯ I was really happy with how this shoot was unfolding. Let’s make a quick outfit change and get back to it!! Take off wet clothes to put on more wet clothes, well…. Yeah!! πŸ˜‚ Kristen made it work and we kept on playing.

I wanted to get into the tunnels and shoot out, I’m glad I made the decision because the silhouettes turned out great!! How about playing with the umbrella a little, we did that too!! 🀘 Should we stop? Hmmmmm, Nope!!! Let’s adventure on to some fancy trees!! 😁 In a beautiful gown, we create more images. This made me happy!! Kristen… You killed it!! πŸ™

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