Katherine & Abandoned Roscoe

So this happened, and it was super fun!! I’m super happy with the location and Katherine. She told me she would do some awesome makeup and she didn’t disappoint!! It was great. Can you tell I’m excited? WTF… Anyway, we went out to the location, 1st time shooting this house. I had a little bit of a plan and a ready model!!

We shot the first thing at the outhouse!! I believe it has a little creepy side. ?‍♀️ So anyway we move to the old chair, we got into some burs, she broke a rotting stool, we moved onto the porch and eventually the tree. Boooo, the burs suck!!! After all of that, I saw it!! I mean I had to shoot her laying in the rhubarb right?!? Oh yeah I did. She asked if I wanted her to lay in it and I said “Yes Please.” So that is that.

Enjoy our little shoot that turned out amazing!!! Until next time!

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