Hey!!! Clara and I did a thing at the park.

Soooo, Clara and I have worked together one other time and have been trying to get together ever since. We have been discussing the ideas for awhile. Anyway, we finally got together!!! This made me happy for sure. ?

Okay, so I get to her house to pick her up and she was finishing her makeup. Great job Clara!! You looked amazing!! We gather many bags of clothing, candles and a pumpkin! Props to her step dad for cleaning the pumpkin while she was getting ready. ? Off we go to a park, not too far away!! It’s a little chilly but overall an amazing day!! The light is good so let’s go do this!!

We start in the woods and I found an angle I liked. A quick outfit change, while people are walking by, and we move to the bridge. I start seeing that her poses and moves are yoga poses. This made me smile. We play by the bridge for a bit and decided to head back to the car for more outfit changes and to grab the pumpkin. ? We quickly see trees to climb and bushes to hide in, why not, let’s shoot that tooo!! ? I see a tree and it has potential to be an amazing shot, although the tree rejects her!! Yes, she gracefully falls out of the tree!! Some trees have attitude!! ?

She gets changed and we head back to the woods to play with the pumpkin and smoke. It was great but I was loosing light quickly in the trees. We get back the the car and I see how amazing the sunset is looking. I need to shoot more!!!! Clara was excited like me, so we set off to find a perfect spot. You know, within reason!!! We found something that worked! So I played with silhouettes against the sky. ❤️❤️❤️

Nope, we are not done!! One more look to finish the day. At this point it is dark. We head over to an abandoned house I have shot a few times. Let’s grab these candles and get in there. As we were walking up Clara tells me she is having crazy Déjà vu!! We get inside and get to work!!! Candles are set and we start creating!!! We created an image that she had from a dream.

Soooo, it was a long night of creating. Was it worth it? My vote is yes, but it’s not about me. Enjoy, until the next adventure!!!

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