Different than expected, but it worked!!

So Destiny and I went looking for an abandoned house that we saw on the internet. Ummm, no luck finding it but we found a road.. that was closed!! Those silly signs aren’t going to stop us!! Lets explore this! So we drove down and we saw the bottom half of a recliner on the side of the road. Shall we, Yes!! Lets do it!

So we played in the street for a little bit!! Don’t tell our parents because we are not supposed to play in the street!! ? Anyway, there were sooo many things in the area that caught our attention. I wanted to check out the tunnel under the street so we did. And I’m glad we did!! I brought a flash and we started shooting. The flash was being a little dumb but we got a few shots anyway.

Off and exploring more, we found a dilapidated foot bridge over a creek, and then moved on to a fallen tree and eventually the corn field. Why not capture as much as you can when the light is awesome. It was an amazing night of shooting with an amazing friend!! Until next time my friends!! Enjoy!!

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