Destiny and Abandoned Janesville

Oh yeah!! It’s Destiny ❤️ So you will see a bunch of things from the two of us!! We seem to shoot together quite often!! Tonight we adventured out to the abandoned house that we scoped out the other day. Jack, Destiny’s husband, joined us as well. Let’s do this!!

I had some roses decaying in my car, so that was a prop for tonight. I might as well use them up, right? So we did that!! The light coming in from the windows was amazing so we took advantage of that as well. How about an outfit change and upstairs we go!! Boom, while up stairs Destiny points out a bad ass wall. Hell yes, let’s shoot that!!

I loved the images we shoot in the barn last time with minimal light, so I wanted to shoot that again. Hmm, there is a theme at all of these locations, fucking burs!! Anyway, the barn images were fun and the sun was leaving us for the night. Well, let’s get you two home so I can do the same. Have a great night everyone.

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