Colorado, Outside of my comfort zone!

Well, where do I start? When I met Victoria, my life changed. I figured out very early on that I could get outside of my comfort zone with her. If you remember, we took a trip to Indiana. That shocked some people. Everyone knows that I don’t travel well and that has held me back from many things in life. But now, I have the Amazing Victoria. People say that when you find someone that makes you come alive inside, never let them go. Victoria is that person for me. When she is by my side, I can do soooo much more. I’m forever grateful!!!

On to the Colorado story… So shortly after our trip to Indiana, Victoria and I decided we would like to go to Tennessee and Colorado. Although I wasn’t able to go on the Tennessee trip with her, Colorado became the discussion. The day was set and I was excited and nervous. Victoria even asked me when I arrived at her house that day. “Are you sure you want to go?” My answer was yes but I had a lot of doubt in my mind. I didn’t want to give up!! It’s not an option anymore. I want to fight through my anxiety and do awesome things and create AMAZING memories with Victoria.

Day One.. After getting the oil changed, Victoria and I pack up the car then we head over to pick up John. One last stop at Starbucks in Janesville before we hit the road. Alrighty, we are on the road and I’m nervous but it is manageable. I try my best to keep my mind on positive things.  At this point, Victoria is driving. She is driving pretty fast because, well.. We need to get to Colorado!! Unfortunately the police in Iowa don’t like speedy people. Victoria gets pulled over.. ๐Ÿ˜ข The police officer was very nice and let us go pretty quick. Sooo Victoria asks John or I to drive. I get behind the wheel and we get back on the road. We continue on to Davenport, IA where we decide to get a hotel for the night. We plan to get moving somewhat early and make it to Colorado tomorrow.

Day Two.. We get on the road by 9:00 and about 11:30 we get to Omaha, NE. We decide this is a good place to stop and grab some food so we go downtown. Victoria scopes out some places for food. We check out some local shops and of course there is a cute candy shop that we must go into. They had mud balls and well, they were amazing!! Good call Victoria!! We walk around Omaha a little more and see some great architecture and some local art gallery’s. Well let’s check a few things out before food and getting back on the road. We spend about an hour wandering around, took a few images and then to the food. We get a bite to eat and now its time for 500 miles of Nebraska highways. John has been driving since we left Iowa so about 6 hours in, I ask if he would like me to drive. We continue on and we are getting close to the border of Nebraska and Colorado. I’m definitely feeling the excitement!! We enter Colorado and we stop at a truck stop that has welcome signs. We take a couple images and we are on our way to find some weed!! ๐Ÿ˜‚ We look up the closest dispensary and head towards it. We get to the dispensary and make a purchase. We decide that the next town with hotels will be where we are staying. It is Sterling, CO. Yep, this will do. Lets crash here and we will proceed to Colorado Springs tomorrow.

Day Three.. We get up and get moving at a decent time. Victoria wants to take some images in Denver so she she puts on some makeup while we are driving. Yeah, she is awesome like that!! So we arrive downtown Denver at a location Victoria had scoped. The Dairy Block. It was super awesome and very artsy. I fell in love instantly. I was also very comfortable being in the city. That was odd for me. John and I thought it would be great to get scooters to navigate the city faster. Victoria was nervous so we decided walking was best, plus we didn’t need anyone getting hurt. We go to some shops and scope out more artwork on the walls. Victoria had looked up a Boba Tea place so we checked it out. It didn’t disappoint, it was super cool. Well, lets check out some more artwork then head towards Colorado Springs!! The view of the mountains are stunning as we travel south. Beautiful drive from Denver to Colorado Springs!! ๐Ÿค˜ We get to the hotel and that was an adventure into itself. We decide to switch to a different hotel. We grab food and check out the local shops. We decide to head back to the hotel. We get back there to take advantage of the pool and hot tub. We play in the pool for about 45 minutes and head back to the room to get some rest.

Day Four.. We get up and start getting ready. Victoria and I are excited to take some photos. We have plans to go to Garden of the gods. Victoria and I head over there and decide to take a tour. Well it wasn’t the best idea on the trip but it was informative. When I wasn’t having anxiety issues, the view was amazing. ๐Ÿ˜‚ We got through that and Victoria and John wanted a night together. Of course, I can find things to do right? Yes indeed!! I ended up finding some locals at a park. They were in a large circle beating on some drums. It had an awesome vibe to it. I was content for awhile then decided to hike back to the hotel. I got settled in. I had some trouble sleeping but I did get some rest.

Day Five.. Victoria calls me in the morning and wakes me up. Tells me that we are going to breakfast. Lets do it! We go to a place downtown Colorado Springs. It was super yummy!! The game plan for the day is to go Zip Lining!! We get checked out of the hotel and head further south to Canon City, CO. We find a hotel and get checked in. We waste some time then head over to the Zip Line place. All checked in and ready to go. Victoria is a little nervous but to my surprise, I’m not. We get out to the location and its super awesome. We are Zip Lining above the trees!! We had a blast! Lets get some yummy Mexican food and head back to the hotel.

Day Six.. We have plans to start heading back today. There is also a castle that we thought about checking out. We decide it is a bit to far in the wrong direction so we pass on it for this trip. We get gassed up and start heading back to Janesville. The original plan is to drive all the way back in one day. Victoria cranks some music and we are ready to put some miles behind us. We get about 10 hours into the trip back and decide to get a hotel in Omaha, NE.

Day Seven.. With the trip winding down, there isn’t much to say here. I just kept reflecting back on how blessed I was to have made the travels with Victoria and John. I was able to see sooo many things. We got back into Janesville about 6:00. We were all a bit tired but WOW!! We just went to Colorado and back!! Thank you soooo very much to both Victoria and John!! You gave me something to hold onto forever!! It will be cherished!!


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