Changes… For the better!!

Well.. This is to the models I work with. πŸ˜‹ Soooo, I have been thinking. I know you all ask about the many images that you don’t see. I will be honest, I feel bad that you don’t get to see as much as I do. 😒 Soooo, I’m making changes to this. 🀘

I will be uploading all the images that we create together. Unedited and straight from the camera. These are not to post but allows you to see everything!! This will take some time so please be patient!! 😊

If there are images that I have never touched that you feel are very strong, let me know and I will get back to them as soon as I can. Once again, please be patient!!

This will be a trial run with the models I work with most. Expect to see changes in the galleries I have uploaded so far. 😁

Last thought before I finish, THANK YOU ALL for being soooooo fucking awesome!! I love you all sooo very much. 😍