Caution!! Finding new locations on old paths.

So I message the Kristen and we plan to shoot. I tell her that it will have to be a tad later than usual and she is on board. ❤️ Yay!! I really have nothing planned and my mind was definitely on other things. These things were not bad things but my mind was busy. 🤣 Anyway, I hadn’t put much thought into it. I told Kristen to message when she was on her way and I would tell her where to meet me.

Soooo, she says she is on her way. Yes!! Mic, you need a plan!! 🤪 I start thinking and I remembered a location that I looked at awhile ago but never shot. Yes, this will be the place we will shoot. I had a basic idea of what I wanted but nothing set in stone. Let’s go figure this out.

I get to the location and pull up the google maps to scour the area. You can see so many things on the google maps. 🤘 So I’m looking around and I see something that looks interesting. It is some concrete in the drainage ditch at which I wanted to shoot. Kristen arrives and I tell her we are going for a walk.

Scouting new locations is always fun. So we set off to see what this place is. We had good conversation while hiking around and we actually got into conversation pretty good because we walked past the area. 🤣 So we backtracked a little and found a path. It was a rocky path and very grown over. We get over by the concrete I saw and was very excited!! THIS WILL DOOOO ❤️ The water was falling down the concrete and was super cool. Let’s find a way in.

Kristen takes the lead on this and we get into the water. It was pretty nice. It was also a ways away from things and very secluded so there was no one around. Heck yeah!!

We get to shooting and thing are turning out great. The lighting wag good and so was the weather! We finish up in the creek and head back to the road we parked on. My initial thought was to shoot there. That was the 2nd spot of the day. I brought caution tape that I wanted to play with. I will be doing more with caution tape in the future. Mmmmhmmm. 😁

We get finished up and got to my car. We were talking for a little bit and wouldn’t you know, we see a cop car heading our way. I was slightly nervous because my thought was someone saw Kristen nude under the bridge. Come to find out, someone called about our cars being on the road. 🤣 Both officers were very nice and let us go pretty quickly. This made us both chuckle a little bit.

Thank you for reading and enjoy!! Have an amazing day everyone!

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