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Are our days numbered?

This one is gets a little deep.. I views this idea a couple different ways. πŸ€” When we go dark, our mind will spiral out of control. “How many days do I have left?” The […]

Something Different

This is a personal post but worth mentioning!! An appreciation post if you will. As you see.. I work with fucking bad ass people!! Beautiful people, inside and out!! They warm my heart on a […]

Pumpkin head!!

Okay!! (In my calmest voice and maybe a little deep) It is Halloween… My photography leans towards this type of shoot. Pushing the limits and creating something amazing. I’m actually fidgeting in my chair as […]

Blood Bunny? Maybe!!

I started out with a vision. Something easy, lets paint Skyler.. white! But not her tattoo’s. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Okay Mic, it may be kinda silly!! But lets do it anyway! 🀣 Skyler was on board so […]