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Things have changed..

First off, I would like to say. “Working with talented makeup artists is fucking amazing!!” I was exhausted after this photo shoot because I was trying to accomplish so much while I was there. I […]

The disorder…

Okay, so there was a lot of planning for this one. I had an idea that manifested into something bigger… I will get into it now!! So it’s Saturday night and I have confirmation from […]

On hiatus to return..

Sooo, Victoria took a little break from modeling. Her life took some major turns, but I will not get into that. What I will say is that I was by her side for all of […]

Let the rains come…

Soooo, Kristen and I planed a photo shoot as normal. The day comes and its rain in the forecast. Well YES, we must do this.. In the rain!!! We meet at TJ Maxx to grab […]

Not always what you expect..

Soooo, I had one vision in mind. Suspension ❤!! Teresa drives in from Chicago and we meet at my house. We quickly go through wardrobe because that’s the easy part. ? Now I’m not the […]

It’s Been Awhile!!

I have been shooting but I haven’t been keeping up with my blog. Soooo, now I’m back!! You should start seeing more thing popping up on here. ? A little recap of the last few […]