Blood Bunny? Maybe!!

I started out with a vision. Something easy, lets paint Skyler.. white! But not her tattoo’s. 🤷‍♀️ Okay Mic, it may be kinda silly!! But lets do it anyway! 🤣 Skyler was on board so why not. All we can do is fail right? Right!! 😈 Lets do it! Times are set and things are ready to go. Skyler shows up and we catch up from not seeing each other for awhile. That makes me happy!! I miss the Skyler!! Moving on. 😊

So I get the white paint ready to go and we start the process. Hmm, it takes a lot longer to paint a human than you would think. But we got through it just fine!! It did give us time to catch up even more and talk about our crazy lives. I loved it! Once the paint was applied, we moved on to Skyler putting on some makeup. Yeah, she killed that shit! Happy with the look, we head down to my basement to start shooting.

With all going good an Skyler hitting some great poses I wanted to add the bunny mask. Not that I didn’t like the first part, but I fell in love with the second part. ❤ Bunny mask it is for the win!! How about a little bit of blood? Skyler and I have already done a blood shoot and with the paint drying up and flaking off, it started looking like the flour shoot i did with Destiny. Hmmm, lets thread the needle and get something in between!! I didn’t want to give her something we have already created. Her posing was amazing, it was defiantly working well.

We finished up and she headed up for a shower. While she did that I started dumping images. I’m super happy with the return of Skyler!! You will see more from us as time goes on. Enjoy these few images!!

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