Arrested??? No, but close!!

This day was like most!! It started out with a solid plan. An idea of creating something amazing. I’m going to pick up Destiny and we are going to kick ass like we do. There is an abandoned house, we have an umbrella in case it rains, btw we want it to rain, and some flour to cover Destiny in. Let’s do this!! 😊

So we head out to the house. We get inside and start setting up. Doing light tests and seeing how the light works with the flour. Music is playing on the new speaker I added to the mix. Destiny gets undressed and she starts getting flour onto herself. We take a couple shots and she sees the rain coming down!! She bolts out of the house, nude by the way, and runs across the front yard. We head to the back yard to stay out of site a little bit. Things go pretty well but we didn’t shoot outside long!! She got a little chilly, but do you blame her? Also the rain was stopping. Very happy with the quick set outside we go back into the house.

We discuss some of the posing and start taking some photos. Yes!! These are turning out great. About 10 minutes in, thankfully she could see out the window, she tells me there is a police officer behind my car. She throws on my sweatshirt and I head out to talk with the officer. I explain to him that we are at the house taking some photos. He starts asking a bunch of questions. Well, this is not going to be easy!! Him and I walk up to the house to get Destiny. At this point she now has shoes and her skirt back on.

Time for more questions!! He is very adamant about us breaking into the house. Also asking if we broke anything in there. No, we are just here taking some photos!! He lets us sit in my car for a little bit while he takes our ID’s. This is where it starts to get a little silly. He comes back and says that he will have to detain us. 😥 WTF!! Okay, this is what we need to do. He takes Destiny first and gets her into the back of the car. Secondly comes to get me. He obviously has me take all the things out of my pockets and searches me. Time to get into the car!! He also asks if we are going to have sex in the car. No!! We are not going to do that.

I’m a big guy, this is a tiny back seat. I didn’t fit well!! My anxiety starts going through the roof. I ask for the air to be turned on and the window rolled down slightly. MORE officers arrive on the scene! 3 total squad cars and 4 officers. REALLY? The officer tells us that they need to bring out the owner of the house. They do contact her and she comes out. From what we can see from the back of the car, she is a nice older woman. They walk the property for a little bit and the woman leaves.

Meanwhile, my panic is kicking in!! Destiny comes through HUGE!! I reach over to hold he hand!! I quickly explain that I’m starting to panic. She asks me to name 5 things I can touch! My reply is ???, You, door, window, light. Sorry, I forgot the first one!! My brain was racing at that point. But it helped!! I continued to hold her hand for awhile. I’m so grateful we had each other in this situation!!!

After sitting in the back of the car for about 45 minutes, they come let us out one at a time. They question us again and release us. We both ended up getting a $200 fine for trespassing. Of course the officers tell me that there are proper ways to do what we were doing. I’m so glad I got to meet 4 people that have never done ANYTHING wrong!! 😂

With Destiny and I back in the car. We discuss the questions that they asked each other. The one that stood out to me is what they asked her!! Was she there willingly… I get why they ask but wow!! Anyway… Lesson learned. Enjoy the few images we got before the police came.

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