Are our days numbered?

This one is gets a little deep.. I views this idea a couple different ways. 🤔 When we go dark, our mind will spiral out of control. “How many days do I have left?” The other thing that crossed my mind with this idea, well… How many good memorable days have I had in my lifetime? Things to think about! 😂

So I met Kole at another shoot with Victoria. I saw him post something on Facebook and it got my interest. We had discussed working together and decided, yes!! Let’s make this happen!! So with minimal discussion, we decided to meet on Sunday!! Hmm, do we really need a plan? Obviously not!! 🤣

I head towards the Janesville area to pick him up. At this point we have somewhat of a plan but really no location. Lets find a Walgreens and then a location. Kole tells me about an abandoned cemetery. Why not, let’s start there.

At the cemetery we get down to business. Kole undresses and starts rubing dirt and mud all over himself. Yeah, this guy has no problem getting dirty!! Although minutes before I got to his house, he had just showered. 😂 So we start shooting and things go well. We don’t have any weapons with us so we head back to his house. Lets grab a knife and find another spot to shoot. We did that!! Walking through his yard we find an area that works. Let’s bring in a small amount of blood. We kicked ass and got some good stuff.

In closing, it was fun and I look forward to creating with Kole again!! Enjoy everyone!! Until my next adventure. ❤

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