And the numbers are in..❤️

The first number I want to talk about is one!! One year ago today I met the amazing @officialvictoriashea!! I will refer to her as Victoria for the rest of this post. 😁 Because that is her name. And that’s what I call her. Cause she is awesome!! Yeah, Victoria and I met on Instagram and hit it off on our first photo shoot. The impact she had on me from the beginning made my head spin. Who knew this would turn into the amazing thing that we have today? She has amazed me in sooo many ways and I’m forever grateful!!!! On to the numbers!! 👉

This is where it started!!

Thirty-Nine is a good number to start with. I have posted 39 images of Victoria to Instagram. With 39 images, Offbeat Imagry received 3140 likes on those posts!! When you average that out it is about 81 likes per post. Yeah, I’ll take it!! On to more numbers. 😁 Victoria and I have shot together 23 different days. 46 different outfits/ looks. And an astounding 39,343 total images taken in the last year. (These are on my camera’s only. Not selfies and other things like that.) That is a bunch of clicks!!! 😂 What does this all mean? To me, it means I gained an absolutely amazing human in my life!! That is priceless and no number does it justice!!

Other numbers to be noted!! We have gone on one trip together, Indiana was fun!! Victoria has gotten 3 tattoos. And one photo book of Victoria has been printed. 😊 Im sure there are other important numbers between Victoria and I but those will have to wait for another day.

We have talked about other plans of traveling too! What can you expect from us in year two? Well you will have to wait and see!! I don’t even know. We have a few things in the works at this time. If it is anything like 2019, It will be amazing as well!! ❤

Victoria!!! Happy anniversary!! Let’s create some more bad assery!!!

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