Sooo here you are! Wanting to know more about me. To be honest, I’m pretty fucked up and my photography seems to show it. My day to day isn’t usually a mess but it can be. I enjoy people and making them smile, making them feel special. I will go out of my way to help someone because it makes me feel good. At 6′-8″ tall people have said I’m a giant teddy bear. ?‍♀️

I most certainly have my issues though. I have been battling depression and anxiety for many years. That is where my dark photography stems from. Many things that I shoot have a deeper darker meaning and I hope to shed light on that here.

I’m also very grateful for every model that I have been able to work with. They are amazing people to do what they do. Even though the images seem dark, we have a great time and many laughs while creating the images. Well mostly, unless I’m unintentionally hurting them!! That makes me feel horrible!!

I’m waiting for the bus.. naked.. with a gas mask.. That’s normal right??

I will be adding more to this later so don’t be upset!! You will soon know more!! ?

Soooo if you like what you see, stick around!! And I will do my best to create some great things along the way. Enjoy!!